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    Congratulations to our company on the IETF16949:2016 preliminary review, second stage on-site audit, No. 6.9, 2018
    发布时间:2018-06-14 11:00:36 点击次数:670

    IATF16949:2016 is an automotive industry quality management system standard developed by the IATF (International Automotive Working Group) in combination with the special requirements of the automotive industry on the basis of ISO9001:2015. The IATF is the world's leading automotive manufacturers and associations. A specialized agency established in 1996. Currently, the standard has become a passport to enter the automotive industry.

    In the past year or so, through the strong support of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, our system implementation team has passed the system planning, system documentation, standard training, internal auditor training, and five tools training according to IATF16949 certification requirements. , the system documentation is perfect, the quality system trial operation, internal audit, management review, certification application, preliminary review stage, second stage and other series of IATF16949 standards activities, established a quality management system in line with IATF16949 standards, customers and related parties requirements, and Successfully passed the on-site audit of the certification body.

    Obtaining the TATF16949 system certification is a green pass for entering the automotive market, laying a solid foundation for the company to develop and develop automotive cables, and providing a strong guarantee for the company to participate in the automotive industry market competition. The approval of IATF16949 is not the end point, but the starting point for sailing.